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Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times


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If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty; still, some companies perform reliably and with excellence in spite of changing circumstances. Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times is about four essentials for getting great performance in good times and bad.


  • Excellent Execution: Winning companies have simple goals with clear targets and strong follow-through. All team members know what to do about the goals and they execute precisely.
  • High Trust Levels with All Stakeholders: Low trust slows you down and raises your costs – especially in times of turmoil. But when trust levels rise, everything speeds up and costs go down.
  • Achieving More with Less: In tough times, everyone tries to do more with less, but the real question is “more of what?” Winning companies focus on giving more value – not just cutting back.
  • Transforming Fear into Engagement: Unpredictable times create anxieties that distract you just when you need total focus. Winning organizations entrust people with a mission and strategy they can believe in, channeling their anxiety into results.These principles can help companies win regardless of the turbulence of the ride or the shock of overwhelming change.

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